Jitbit Helpdesk
Jitbit Helpdesk
Send feedback surveys to customers

App Details

3 Help desk ticketing system
3 Send out surveys to measure your customer service efficiency
3 Attach surveys to tickets manually or send surveys automatically when a ticket is closed

Jitbit Helpdesk is a customer service "ticketing system" that helps manage support requests from users and supports multiple channels - email, chat, website widget, mobile app etc.

Jitbit-SurveyMonkey integration allows you to add links to SurveyMonkey questionnaires automatically, right into the helpdesk emails and/or agent replies. Are your customers satisfied with the quality of support they just received? Would they recommend your product to a friend?

While Jitbit does not have any built-in satisfaction survey functionality, SurveyMonkey comes as a perfect solution for feedback questionnaires. Just connect and authorize your SurveyMonkey account, choose the survey you'd like to send and - for example - set the app to automatically include a link to it in the "ticket closed" email. Or let your agents include surveys in their replies manually.